Joseph Evans, Chief Growth Officer

Joseph Evans

Chief Growth Officer

Joseph Evans is a multi-dimensional executive renowned for his exceptional track record in cultivating, leading, and optimizing high-performance organizations across a diverse spectrum of pharmaceutical, medical device, and cosmetic companies. From early-stage startup ventures to fully integrated, global-scale corporations, Joseph has consistently delivered transformative business model development, operational excellence, and strategic leadership. With broad commercial expertise, he has capitalized on growth opportunities in rapidly evolving markets, resulting in significant improvements in profitability.

As Goodier’s Chief Growth Officer, Joseph has successfully introduced unique business verticals and shifted the company's market position. He played a pivotal role in preparing and positioning the company for acquisition by Gryphon Investment Partners in 2021 and has since focused on establishing a dynamic Commercial Team, expanding capabilities, and enabling the delivery of a differentiated value proposition for continuous growth.

Joseph holds a Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Sciences from The University of Southern Mississippi.

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